Thursday, July 18, 2013

Here goes

I haven’t forgotten about you all. There just hasn’t been a lot to write about until now. As of today, changes are afoot. We are heading back to Korea! The dates are set and the tickets are booked. August 5th we take custody of Avi. On the 6th we go to the embassy to pick up her travel visa. We have tickets to return home on Friday but if the visa gets processed more quickly, we’ll come home sooner.
We’re staying at the adoption agency this time around and they say that should make the transition a little easier. She’s used to the place, there are other kids her age meeting their families as well, and there’s a playground out back. All positive things. The blogs we’ve read from other people have been shown pretty good results. They’ve written about a few sleepless nights but otherwise good transitions. So hopefully we’ll be as lucky.

The only glitch we’ve run into so far is in paperwork. Apparently our last name is easily misspelled, and she’s coming from North Korea. As long as they overlook those little errors, we’ll be fine. Actually we’ve called to get the errors fixed and hopefully they’ll send the correct paperwork in the next two weeks.  

We’ve busied ourselves getting the house ready, arranging clothes and organizing books and toys. All these things should be quickly undone about two hours after she’s home.

So it’s just two more weeks of Ann and I. Then it’s me, Ann and Avi from then on.

Can’t wait J